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How To Select The Best Gaming Mouse For Your PC Gaming Style

The best wireless gaming mouse- The ultimate guide to choosing your next best gaming mouse under 1000! Just a few years ago, you would probably be laughed at for even suggesting you were an avid gamer with a wired keyboard and a wireless mouse.

They used to be the last thing you would want to use if you wanted to rely on crisp clean, high quality aim when playing online games. The only way you could get high quality wireless games was by using the same old wired keyboards that were so annoying and aggravating to the gaming novice. If you were in the public eye and had to go anywhere in public without the use of your mouse, you could pretty much bet that you had just about everyone laughing at you, especially if they happened to know you were an avid gamer.

This is where wireless mice came into the picture. You will find the wireless options for any and all types of games on the market today. The technology has improved tremendously, making these products more versatile, and they also offer the ability to customize the sensitivity settings on your computer to match your own personal gaming level.

So, what makes the top rated wireless mice the best ones available? There are several things to consider when looking over the various models on the market. First of all, make sure you look for one with a long, wireless cord that does not need to be rerouted often. The longer the cord the less likelihood there is of you losing your cord during gaming sessions.

Another key point to consider is how easily you can move the cursor on the screen. Wireless mice typically have more buttons than the wired alternatives, but the buttons on the wireless ones also tend to move around more, so you have to move your cursor more. The mouse should also have an adjustable sensitivity setting so that you can adjust your sensitivity for different gaming levels.

Overall, the wireless mice that are the best will have all of the features mentioned above, and some more. If you want something that works well as a substitute for a regular wired computer keyboard and mouse, but doesn't need to use all the buttons, you may want to consider an optical mouse. Although they aren't nearly as precise as the ones with a wired option, they tend to have fewer buttons which will eliminate the need for the button-mashing that many players will be used to when using their gaming keyboard and mouse.

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